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Artists heart Basketball

By Sarah Sports, especially those important in the national psyche, are a natural subject for artists to explore. A national championship or Olympic gold medal can inspire strong feelings of euphoria, nationalism, and camaraderie. It is a strange event where by watching something we are not participants in, we can […]

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Rose Blooms Again at Brandeis

I still remember vividly the morning in January 2009 when I opened the NYT to read the terrible news that Brandeis had decided to close the museum and sell the collection. Conversely, to hear yesterday that this nightmare had ended, and that the museum would remain open and the collection would not be sold, caused me to feel nothing but joy.

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The Duke Idea: London

The high-ceilinged gallery at Tate Britain provided a unique and elegant setting for a campus update from President Brodhead, followed by a discussion with Kim Rorschach, director of the Nasher Museum of Art at Duke University, about the evolution of the role of the art museum at Duke.

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The Duke Idea: London

Nasher Museum Director Kimerly Rorschach looks forward to participating in “The Duke Idea” with President Brodhead this coming Sunday, June 26, at Tate Britain in London. They’ll talk about “Global Universities, Global Art” and view Tate’s new exhibition “The Vorticists: Manifesto for a Modern World,” co-organized by the Nasher Museum of Art at Duke and co-curated by Duke Professor Mark Antliff.

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Climbing the palace walls

Trevor and Kim were taken in by the Joana Vasconcelos installation in the central atrium of the Palazzo Grassi, climbing up walls. Trevor’s notes: “It’s a new commission for the space. The artist is from Portugal, and one I worked with in 2006 for ‘The Beautiful Game.’ “

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Big Bambu in Venice

Did you see the Big Bambú installation last year on the roof of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NY?
Doug and Mike Starn brought Big Bambú to Venice. Here is Trevor in front of the work, from the roof of the Peggy Guggenheim Collection.

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Catching the ear at Art Basel

A work by Shilpa Gupta caught Trevor’s ear at Art Basel this week. Watch the little video he captured with his iPhone.

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This just in from Art Basel

Among Kim and Trevor’s favorite finds at Art Basel: a beautiful Mickalene Thomas landscape, the David Kordansky Gallery booth, featuring work by Kathryn Andrews (a Duke grad!), a “killer” work by Nari Ward made of repurposed found objects — tires, shoe tips, shoe strings and shoe tongues, tires, etc.

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Summer Love at the Nasher!

A neurobiologist at University College London says he’s discovered that looking at art creates the same sensation as being in love. When Professor Semir Zeki showed his subjects images of art and then mapped their brains, he found that people experienced the same dopamine response in the orbito-frontal cortext of the brain when they looked at a work of art or the image of their lover.

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