Since, I have seen them several times in the museum I wasn’t very mindful of them, but the moment I really homed in on the group was while in the gallery viewing a work of art in the permanent collection.
It was quite odd that the group observed the art collection, took notes and sat in a classroom-like style for a lecture by Jessica Ruhle, associate curator of education.

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Field Trips: Duke Lemur Center

And the Fat Tailed Dwarf Lemur (cutest name ever) kept coming directly up to the glass and then would sprint away as soon as he got there. That little fellow was definitely my favorite. He was only about 6 inches, yet was full of energy, which our tour guide said was very unusual for that species. Our tour guide also told us that NASA is studying Fat Tailed Dwarf lemurs because of their unique way of hibernating, called “torpor,” in hopes of learning the secret to sustained space travel.

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Nasher Museum Video Featured on Duke on Demand

A new Nasher Museum video, “Duke Students and the Nasher Museum,” produced by graduating senior Betsy Bourassa, is featured on the home page of Duke on Demand.

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Bill Thelen: Top Ten for 2010

I have never been a fan of Bruce Nauman. It’s because I am stupid. Thanks to the excellent curation at Hamburg Bahnhof in Berlin I am now a believer.

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A year of wonder

The holiday season is upon us. Consider giving the gift of membership, and spread wonder for the entire year. Or, if you aren’t a member, considering giving yourself the gift of membership.

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They made an impression

A lot of school groups come through the Nasher Museum, but we could not help noticing the pack of sixth- and eighth-graders from Durham Nativity School in their smart blue button-downs and striped ties recently.

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A tangent from The Record

When New York-based writer and DJ Dave Tompkins was in town for the opening of “The Record,” he stopped by WXDU, Duke’s student-run radio station.

Download and listen to the two-hour interview with DJ Viva Cohen and DJs Max and Nate, including goodies from Dave’s record collection, a few animal tangents, the big bog burp scene from the movie Dark Crystal and a special memory of the late hip-hop and graffiti pioneer Rammellzee.

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The reality of art

Tonight is the premiere of “Work of Art: The Next Great Artist” a competition among 19 visual artists to be crowned … um, well, winner of the show. The winner gets a sizable cash prize and an exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum of Art in New York.

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George Watts Elementary School mural: a tribute to Picasso

On Monday, April 19, more than 100 people gathered to celebrate the unveiling of an amazing mural at George Watts Elementary School in Durham. The mural was inspired by the art of Pablo Picasso, closely tied to the Nasher Museum’s recent exhibition “Picasso and the Allure of Language” and the culmination of a year-long schoolwide project at the school. The mural reinterpreted some of Picasso’s most famous works.

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