The Jazz Loft Project: thank you and farewell

Nasher Museum Director Kim Rorschach’s kind note mentioned that 37,000 people had attended “The Jazz Loft Project” during the recently-closed run at her museum. I’m not experienced with local museum traffic but that number struck me as enormous.

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Happy Birthday, Calder!

Google is excited about Alexander Calder’s birthday, and so are we!

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The Unexpected

The artist chose to expose a truth, a taboo, in the African American community. This work is by far my favorite in the collection because of the emotional connection I developed with the exceptional work of art.

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30 Beautiful Americans

“Last week I had a conversation with one of the security guards, who inquired, ‘Have you seen our new exhibition?’ When I assured her I had, she said, ‘I wore my Afro puff today because I saw an expression of our beauty in some of those paintings and felt proud!’ I do too.”

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The Mysterious Lady

As I walked around “The Jazz Loft Project,” I was transported to another time and place, specifically New York in the 1950s and ’60s.

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Traveling with The Record

As sad as we were to see The Record: Contemporary Art and Vinyl leave the Nasher Museum, it’s exciting to see the new life it has found at the ICA-Boston.

Hank Willis Thomas, who currently has work on view in the Nasher’s exhibition Building the Contemporary Collection: Five Years of Acquisitions, sent us the above picture of an ad for The Record on the T’s green line.

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Gazing at stars

The curator of the Bronx Museum show, Isolde Brielmaier, has juxtaposed 31 of Ms. Cattlet’s works with pieces by 21 other artists — less to point out her direct influences on them, Ms. Brielmaier said, than to explore resonances between the older artist and the younger ones. The idea, she added, was to make the show about “what all the artists are thinking, and to look at the past and the future.”

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Piotr Orlov, you are the man!

For The Record: Contemporary Art and Vinyl, Piotr wrote a wonderful essay and helped shape the catalogue and website with his insightful guidance. I know he is the unsung collaborator behind many a great creative project. I’m just not sure how he finds the time as Brooklyn-based critic, curator, events producer, DJ and founder of the monthly dance-party Treehouse–and new dad.

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Poetry in the grooves

Mary Collins, a poet based in Boston, visited “The Record: Contemporary Art and Vinyl” last week at the ICA/Boston. Right away, the art reminded her of a poem she’d written.

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