Record inspiration

We occasionally hear from artists who continue to find inspiration in “The Record.” Brazil-based artist Felipe Barbosa created 36 prints inspired by flea market album covers, part of “The Record” exhibition. He wrote to us about a new work, which he says is a podium made from Top 10 vinyl records of the 1980s. “The show really gave me new ideas,” he wrote, by email.

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Remember Gil Scott-Heron

If you don’t know the work of Gil Scott-Heron, just listen for a few seconds to understand what you’ve been missing.
The poet and musician died last week in New York. “All I can say about Gil Scott-Heron is that everything that needed to be said about him and the world he lived in – he said,” says artist Hank Willis Thomas. “He did with music what I could only hope to do so sincerely with art.”

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Xaviera Simmons: Music inspires art

An artist’s studio is a mysterious and fascinating place. We all want to be invited in. So any glimpse into that studio is irresistible. Studio Tracks, an occasional series by, features Xaviera Simmons, who shares her favorite songs by Neil Young, TV on the Radio, Rain Machine, Stevie Wonder and more.

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Kehinde Wiley’s Israel

With his new show The World Stage: Israel at Roberts & Tilton gallery, artist Kehinde Wiley trades in African-American subjects for Israeli ones, creating a portrait of Israel through young male subjects.

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When you visit “,” bring your smart phone. You’ll need it to see yourself through the hole in the wall of the gallery, to get zen with the “invisible” work on the far wall and to see the cyberspace version of the artist’s fabric sculpture, “” We all know the interwebs are here to stay. David helps us to remember to keep a sense of humor and ask more questions. As Lump owner Bill Thelan put it, David’s show prods us to think about that nebulous space between our Mac, a domain name and cyberspace.

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Feminist goddess Carolee Schneemann

Turns out, sexism is not extinct, or even in hiding. But while the artist Carolee Schneemann was with us, she seemed to keep most of those dark forces at bay.

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One shell at a time

Satisfied with the seashells’ education in his own personal school of rock, Dario carefully separated the pairs again. He returned the partner of each shell to the sea.
“The idea is,” Dario says, “could I change the sound of the ocean, one shell at a time?”

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Barkley L. Hendricks on Rembrandt

Artists find inspiration, sometimes, in other artists. So before heading to the Armory Show in New York yesterday, Barkley L. Hendricks and his wife, Susan, visited the Frick Collection to see “Rembrandt and his School: Masterworks from the Frick and Lugt Collections.”

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A painter of fiction

In and out of the Armory show, here in New York, we are busy seeking out artists important to the Nasher Museum.
Their work stands out in what is otherwise an overwhelming week of art.
At the Studio Museum in Harlem, we took in Lynette Yiadom-Boakye’s solo exhibition, “Any Number of Preoccupations.” The London-based artist’s lush portrait, above, is part of the Nasher Museum’s upcoming show, “Building the Contemporary Collection: Five Years of Acquisitions.”

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