Non-bank loans without a register: Good Loan Telephone Loan

Are you looking for a loan and have been refused at the bank? In that case, you could try your luck at a non-banking company. While banks have almost all the same or very similar conditions for loan approval, it can be different for a non-banking company.

In addition, banks share a banking register of client information among themselves. This stores all the information about your financial past. One illicit bank overdraft, late repayment for a loan, credit card or overdraft account is enough and you may have trouble negotiating with the bank. And not only yours but all the banks.

It is different for non-banking companies. They do not have access to the banking register (only some of them are involved in the SOLUS non-banking register), and in general, non-banking companies offer loans under much “softer” terms. On the other hand, non-bank loans and credits are usually slightly more expensive than those from the bank.

Non-bank loan from Good Credit over the phone


For example, Good Credit also provides non-bank loans without a register. It is possible to arrange a loan only by phone. So you don’t have to go anywhere. Just call the free infoline from the comfort of your Good and everything you need around your loan can be handled quickly and easily.

The Good Credit phone loan is provided from USD 10000 to USD 150000. You can borrow money over the phone from Good Credit for 1 – 84 months. This loan without a register is therefore also suitable as a short-term loan to cover unexpected expenses and / or as a long-term loan to finance more expensive purchases or more demanding expenses in your Good. Good Credit lends money without restrictions, so it can use it to buy anything it needs.

There is no loan approval fee for this Good Credit phone loan

There is no loan approval fee for this Good Credit phone loan

(as is common with most banks). There is no management fee. You will only pay regular repayments of the borrowed money and interest. The minimum interest rate for this loan without a register is set at 12.51%.

You must be at least 18 years old and have a permanent address in the Czech Republic to complete the loan over the phone. If this is the case, then you only need to prove your income. You do not have to worry, no high income is required. It is sufficient that you have at least some regular minimum income that you can prove and the loan will be approved immediately.

If you need to borrow money quickly, there is nothing easier than calling Good Credit, and soon the money can be on your way. So what to wait, it’s so easy!