How many nerves, money and time can cost you a certificate of property weights

What should a person do to get a real estate burden certificate?

It turns out he has to do miracles!

The order for the issue of the certificates for the weights of property is changed.


How it was so far:

  1. There was a Registry Officer on duty, during which any claimant of the WWT could pass in order for the Judge to review the documents available, as well as the application itself.
  2. The purpose of the consultation was to judge the judge whether the application was accurate and, most importantly, whether the period for which the client wishes to be granted a TLD is adequate to the documentation submitted by him. Typically, VTT is issued with a minimum of 10 years, ie. 10 years ago. It was obligatory to pass through the Registrar for fast-track VTTs (for 3 working days), but very often judges went through citizens to be consulted about the attached documents and the application itself.
  3. After a resolution made by the Judge, the client paid the fee and filed the application at a counter – with an employee of the Registry Agency – Property Register.

How is it now:

It’s a big mess!

  1. The customer no longer has access to the Registrar Judges.
  2. He filed his application straight at the counter, acting absolutely stupid.
  3. He has also paid the UHF fee.
  4. However, it is unclear whether it will be issued to him because, once the Agency staff accepts the application from the client, they hand it over to a record-keeping judge who decides whether or not there will be a VTT.
  5. Agency staff are trying to help with some half-advice, but given that they are not allowed to advise and that nothing depends on them / resolving registrars, it can be bold to say that customers do not know what to do and there is no one to tell them.
  6. Customers do not stop cursing Registry Agency employees who, although they have no fault of the situation, have dozens of remarks about their mothers.
  7. At the Registry Agency, the climate is hot – at the moment, you can fill your arsenal of all sorts of curses. If a man closes his eyes for a moment – the feeling is that he is in the middle of a gypsy cartoon, among an angry Romani wagon.

If you’re still wondering, “What’s the problem?”, Enjoy three of the civilized conversations we’re recreating for you.

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Client: The weight certificate for which I paid for a quick order and wanted to receive was 10 years ago – since 2004, and you have issued it since 2007? Is any mistake made?

Employee: No, no error. This is what the Judge of the Registry judged.

Client : But how is it possible? I have wanted to have a VTT issued in 2004! I do not work with a shorter time limit! How can you give me a document I did not ask for ?!

Employee: This is the document you have requested – just the deadline is 2007 and not 2004.

Client: But why did you issue it since 2007?

Employee: You probably did not apply the necessary documents to issue it for a period of 10 years back … You probably do not have a record of ownership since 2004. And the Registrar Judge has judged that he can only issue it since 2007 …. Yes! The resolution says there is no title deed since 2004.

Client: But should not this be said when I filed the application and when they took my toll ?!

Employee: I’m sorry! We are obliged to accept customer requests as they prepare them. We have no right to consult. Understand that we just accept the documents. It is up to the judges to decide whether the request of the respective citizen will be satisfied.

Client: Good! I have no time to argue because my deal is tomorrow. Here, I apply a notary deed since 2004! Please correct my weight certificate – 10 years ago.

Employee: No problem. Pay your fee and come back to me again with a new application.

Client: Do you make me pay again ?!

Employee: Well, yes! We need to issue you a new weight certificate and pay again.

Client: I have to pay another 30 leva and wait another 3 days !?

Employee: Naturally!

Client: And what is the guarantee that the second time you will issue the certificate as I want it to.

Employee: No warranty. This will be judged by the Registrar. We only accept the documents.


Client: Hello! I want you to let me know about this property. I have prepared the application, the property documents and the paid fee.

Employee: Great! And what are you, owner, lawyer?

Client: I am a broker . I represent the person who wants to buy the property.

Employee: Okay. You should know that it is good to apply your brokerage agreement with your client, because he is now on duty to change the Registry Officer, who sometimes wants brokering brokerage contracts.

Client: But I do not carry a mediation contract. And no such requirement is mentioned anywhere.

Employee: Not mentioned because only some of the judges require it.

Client: But what does my mediation contract prove ?! It does not describe the property I am inspecting. There it is written that I am committed to finding my property in Sofia. I could apply any contract. How will the Recording Judge understand that this is the same client? And if he did not buy that property? What’s the point of all this?

Employee: The point is that the Judge is likely to leave your application for a certificate of weights without the move if he decides that you should have applied a mediation contract.

Client: Good! Note somewhere that I will present a brokerage agreement when I take the finished VU.

Employee: No, you have to bring it until 14.00 today.

Client: But now it is 12.30 am?! How do I do it so fast?

Employee: As you think. I will accept the documents, but I’m not sure that your application will not be left unattended.


Client: Good day! I want to apply for a certificate of burden on a property, but I do not know how to fill in some of the fields of the application. Can you give me a hand?

Employee: I’m sorry! We have no right to consult or to fill in the citizens’ applications. Fill the form as you think.

Client: Okay. Who can then advise me?

Employee: Unfortunately – no one anymore. Until recently, you had the opportunity to go first through a record-keeping officer on duty, and to review both the documents and whether you filled everything upright, but now the order is different.

Client: What is the order now!

Employee: You pay the fee and submit your application to the counters with us. Then we pass them on to a Registered Recording Judge to review them and if everything is properly completed and all the necessary documents are available – we issue the certificate to you.

Do you mean I have to pay to know if I have completed the form properly and have I applied all the necessary documents?

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Employee: I did not say that! I can only remind you that all the necessary columns must be filled in, because if you miss something, the Registrar may leave your claim for the weight certificate free of charge.

Do you need comments?

The conclusions about how the institutions work in our country leave them to you.

We can only advise the Registry Agency to start checking incoming citizens for weapons and to provide enhanced security for their employees.